Learning Techniques

Each person has different learning style. In school students sometimes find it very difficult to learn any subject. There are few techniques which will make your learning faster. There are different types of learning styles a) Visual –when you prefer learning using pictures, images, and spatial understanding, b) Aural-    when you prefer learning using sound and music c) Verbal-    when you prefer using words both in speech and writing, d) Physical- when you prefer using your body , hands and sense of touch, e) Logical – when you prefer using logic, reasoning and systems, f) Social – when you prefer to learn in groups or with other people, g) Solitary – when you prefer to work alone and use self – study.

Abraham Lincoln said, “I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”

So, we can say that learning is a daily adventure that everyone carries and explores throughout life. Learning doesn’t stop after school it continues for those who are having more curiosity in knowing the whole world; they apply themselves to constant learning and competing against the world to grow. There are some steps which you can follow to make your learning even more effective.

  • You can choose your own learning style, understand, what learning techniques are more efficient for you and use them practically.
  • Try to learn where your interests and talents lie, try many different things. It’s probable that you are good at many things but you won’t know until you’ve tried. Be aware of past memories that tell you to stay away from certain things.
  • Look at learning as an exploration and opportunity but don’t look it as chore, in other words don’t force yourself to learn things, follow your heart as well as your sense of duty.
  • Learn the basics with fun; make it as your intellectual hobbies and games .Try some free Open Course Ware, TED Talks or iTunes for comprehensive presentations from famous professors and experts in their fields.
  • Read books which are written by people who experienced difficulties with the basics of tricky subjects like Math, science or other subjects but have still managed to find workarounds without giving up. There ways of learning may help you to improve your own way of learning.
  • Try to create or formulate something for yourself like intelligence, something which is artistic or scientific; it can be social also .Try social media and other methods to refine the one you like the most.
  • Look at the world from different levels and it is for sure that you will respond differently to different news. Respond to what you observe and notice and examine your responses.
  • Ask as much you can ask, asking questions will be more beneficial than getting the answers , be sure to listen carefully and understand the response
  • Teaching is a wonderful way to learn any subject and improve your own understanding of it, if you are not a teacher or tutor, then you can post your knowledge in Wikipedia and you can see in return something even better than before.

Become a good learner by adopting some practices listed above, make it as your daily habit and improve your way of learning.


Top 10 Colleges for Distance Learning

Distance learning is the most important part of education for those who cannot attend the university or colleges. It can be defined as an educational process where the instruction given to students who are physically far from the resources that provides education. Distance learning is the best method of teaching where education can be given to thousands of students located at different places. Distance education has become as a blessing to large number of students who wish to study in a particular college or location while continuing their job.

Correspondence study or Distance learning is comparatively cheaper than a regular study that’s why, this program can be done by anyone who cannot afford large amount of fees, and who wish to do higher studies. One of the great advantage in distance learning is that it provides flexibility to working professionals, it is the best option to work while study. The University of London was the first university to offer distance learning degrees, establishing its External Program in 1858. The widespread use of computers and the internet have made distance learning easier and faster, and today virtual schools and virtual universities deliver full material online.

The correspondence study involves great convenience in submitting assignments, you can send it online. Another attractive feature of distance education is accessibility of sufficient study material, which is available (24X7); there is no time limit to access the study material. Also this is convenient option for, housewives and mothers who want to continue their studies but because of their kids and family responsibilities they are not able to attend regular classes. In India, there are various institutes and colleges which offer distance learning programs.

The various universities and institutes that offer a number of graduate and postgraduate courses include:

1) Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) – This is the most popular university which provides distance Education and Certificate courses for most of the disciplines at affordable rates.

UG courses offered:  Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Science and Arts.

PG courses offered: Post graduate diploma in Marketing Management, Financial Management, and Rural Development.

2) Annamalai University:  This is the second best distance education university in India. This university is spreaded over forty nine departments with 2500 trained staff; this university offers a wide range of post graduate course.

Courses offered: Post graduate diploma in Textile Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Hotel Management and Catering Technology and Retail Management

3) Osmania University:  Osmania University is of the oldest distance education universities in India, providing excellence in teaching and research.

Courses offered: Advanced Diploma in Bio-Informatics, PG Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management, Master of Information Systems & E-Commerce (MISEC).

4) Sikkim Manipal University: This institute mostly known for its distance education programs in MBA, Executive MBA and MSC.

Courses offered:  Bachelor of Computer Application, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Diploma in Information Technology.

PG courses offered:  Diploma in Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Retail Operations Management.

5) Nalanda Open University:  This is the only University in Bihar region which provide distance education. This university facilitates education for housewives, in-service personnel, and people living in remote areas and physically disabled.

UG courses offered: Bachelor in Library & Information Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science.

PG courses offered: Master of Arts, Master in Commerce, Master of Education and Master of Science

6) Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning:   Symbiosis provides quality distance education in the fields of Management, Law, Computers, Health Care, Arts and Commerce.

Certificate courses offered: Certificate course in Instructional Design, Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship development and Management.

PG courses offered: PG Diploma in Business Administration, Retail Management, International Business and Insurance management.

7) University of Madras:  This distance education university was established in 1857 by the British. It is referred to as one of the top ten distance education providing universities in India

PG courses offered: PG Diploma in Botany, Biochemistry, Criminology, Anthropology, and Applied geology, Economics and Endocrinology

8) Mahatma Gandhi University:  The Mahatma Gandhi University is recognized by the University Grants Commission. The university has 18 colleges affiliated to it.

UG courses offered: B.A, B.Sc, B.B.A, B.C.A. and L.L. B

PG courses offered: Master of Economics, Master of Arts and Mater of Biotechnology.

9) Karnataka State Open University:  This University is considered to be one of the most reputed universities in South India; the university offers various degrees, diploma and certificate programs via distance learning.

Courses offered: Postgraduate Diploma in English, Advance Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Kannada and Diploma in Journalism and Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management

10) ICFAI University:  This University is one of the latest universities in India, offering degrees in MBA, MCA, BA, and BBA via distance education. ICFAI University Educate its students via the medium of audio visuals on the internet, the university help its students find good jobs.

Courses offered: B.Tech, B.B.A, B.Sc., B.Ed, Law, MCA and MBA.

Distance   education helps students in saving a considerable amount financially and saves from the burden of high-priced course textbooks. Many textbooks are now available as eBooks, known as e-textbooks, which are offered for a reduced price in comparison to traditional textbooks. So candidates who want to pursue distance education, and don’t want to invest large amount of money for their education can choose one of the universities listed above and can join immediately for the courses of their choice.

How to make your school greener..?

Day by day we are realizing that our future depends on our health and our planet’s well being .To achieve the well being of our environment our new generation should be educated to solve the global environmental problems. Greener school environment improves children’s health and learning.Generally schools use pesticides with neurological and reproductive toxins, which are dangerous to both children and adults. Poor indoor air quality and poor nutritional things at school is the reason for asthma in children and increasing childhood obesity rates.

There are some solutions which people can use to make school greener and eco – friendly. There are solutions that can help, but everyone needs to get involved if we want to make them work.

  • Paste the reminder to each and every classroom / staff room / library /etc that encourages students and staffs to turn off the lights during recess/lunch/at the end of the day.
  • Try to make one day in a week a tree planting day.
  • If your school has a food and nutrition class, then try to plant some vegetable garden with different vegetables, the kids can use those vegetables in the classroom which will save school money.
  • Encourage the school to use CFL bulbs.
  •  Children can stop buying drinking water which can’t be reused, rather they can use reusable water bottle.
  • When you walk into a school building and if you smell chlorine, then that’s not a good sign, chlorine is harmful for health. Many schools often aren’t aware of the issues with these kinds of things. There are so many strong cleaning products that do not contain harmful chemicals and that are not necessarily more expensive.
  • Schools can use low – odor, dry – erase markers and dust – free chalks.
  • Parents and Bus drivers can make their car and buses idle during pick up and drop off time. How many cars and buses come and go each day, if they will turn off their vehicle while waiting, school can be prevented from both gas and pollution.
  • Gardeners can be asked to use natural herbicides and pesticides.
  • Schools can create paper, plastic and aluminum recycling centers near dustbins.
  • Exposing children more to natural light will save power used in schools.
  • School canteens can serve organic food whenever it is possible.
  •  Eliminate waste, such as Styrofoam.
  • For lunch, switch from plastic bags to reusable containers that can be washed and packed again.
  • Teachers can organize one program in which kids can bring old computers, desks, back packs, and anything else which is related to school which other students must need but cannot afford. Using this way student can be encouraged to utilize the things instead of wasting and making environment carbon full.

There are plenty of things that various schools have been doing to make greener school , but there are also practices that individual students can do to make a green campus thrive and support having an eco friendly – lifestyle. By following the above steps one can make eco – friendly environment in the schools.